By the end of 2018, the global GDP was 84 trillion US dollars, of which the United States accounted for 25%. There are more than tens of thousands of financial service institutions that use US dollars as a carrier to maintain global value circulation, with the largest number of banks. Thousands of banks have hundreds of thousands of outlets in every corner of the world, and the world economy is more prosperous because of the value circulation trunk roads set up by banks and other financial institutions.

In the 10 years since the birth of Bitcoin, the total market capitalization of crypto digital assets represented by Bitcoin has exceeded $2 trillion. Although it cannot compete with global GDP, it is a non-negligible existence. Although the market value is trillions of dollars, few banks are responsible for the management and circulation of crypto assets. The emergence of VRB fills the gap in the market and introduces a new “contract” mechanism to provide users with the best crypto asset management and value-added services.

VRB Crypto Asset Bank: Best Manager of 2.3 trillion Assets

VRB is positioned as the world's leading contract-based crypto asset bank. Currently, it is the first digital bank in the world to hold both a banking license and a digital currency operating license. It is legally registered and can legally engage in crypto digital assets and related financial services to fully secure the funds of all VRB users. Such a safe and reliable VRB, with the perfect blessing of "smart contract" technology, can guarantee the smooth circulation of crypto assets, and will become the best manager of the future 2 trillion US dollars of assets.

Huge amount means that VRB has consolidated the strongest consensus in the field of crypto assets and has laid a number of seed users for future business ambitions. Accumulating huge amounts of capital into crypto banks will create a potential energy in the industry, from preemptive to strong, integrating all forces in the field of crypto assets. At the same time, VRB also pointed out the direction for the future blockchain to break through obstacles and move towards the real world.

Beyond scale, promoting global asset circulation has become the hard core goal of crypto asset banks.

At the core of VRB is the progressive development of smart contract technology based on blockchain technology. It maximizes and facilitates the process of building trust between people. There is no longer a need to establish a trust foundation between user’s points and points through a third-party platform. It broke the status quo of information island, built a VRB global crypto asset management platform, and promoted the global circulation of crypto assets.

On the basis of the value-added circulation of digital assets, VRB further opened up the original barrier between digital assets and physical goods, realizing the free and smooth communication between the two. The ultimate goal of VRB is to establish a new social business trust system based on blockchain smart contracts. The large-scale open digital asset circulation closed loop and the establishment of a new commercial settlement credit system are the core objectives of the VRB crypto asset bank.

According to the roadmap plan, VRB Crypto Asset Banking will be ready in July this year. In September next year, the five core ecosystems of VRB will be launched. In October of the same year, people will be able to see virtual digital assets based on “crypto asset banks”, “physical goods exchange” and “virtual assets”, and a new “contract” business ecosystem will soon take shape.

In the long run, when crypto asset banks begin to provide universal service to 100 million users, 1 billion users, and even global users, VRB will become a super giant that cannot find any economic targets at present.