The privacy of social networks has always been a big problem in the Internet. Facebook, the world's largest social network, also reported security incidents of large-scale user data leakages, as the company's founders even received on-the spot inquiries in the US Congress.

Social networks contain sensitive information such as the exchange of private information between us and our friends, the exchange of accounts, and the sharing of private files, and so on. However, these sensitive content is always kept on the server set up by the service provider. Once leaked, it will be a large-scale security incident.

The privacy of social software has always been valued by users, but due to the traditional Internet mechanism, social information that we know or don't know is stolen by hackers every day.

I. What is the enemy of privacy? Embezzlement is the greatest risk

For a long time, Internet security incidents which have attracted public attentions are caused by malicious attacks by hackers. Based on this public opinion guidance, the public is always willing to provide protection for social software operators. In fact, most of the unexposed privacy information leakages are caused by these social software internal operators.

In a centralized operating environment, the chat content of all users is concentrated on the operator's server, and the relevant personnel of the operator can browse your social information at will as long as they like. In a sense, we have been streakers on the Internet, and centralized operations are the real enemy of our social privacy.

II. The emergence of VRB decentralized encrypted social interaction will completely solve the security risks of social privacy

Before the advent of decentralization technology, various social software that advertised privacy as "burn after reading" was very popular. However, " burn after reading " has a certain time limit damage, and theoretically there is still a risk of leakage.

Until the advent of blockchain technology, a true privacy security solution is brought about. VRB is the world's first encrypted social software with blockchain technology and is the real encryption chat software.

Due to the decentralization of the blockchain, on the VRB encrypted social software, the user's chat data is encrypted layer by layer on the main blockchain, and sent to the receiver by means of point-to-point. Only the corresponding private key can unlock the chat content, and the burn after reading mechanism achieves the best privacy.

VRB encrypts the data stream on social software, all of which exists in encrypted form on the blockchain. Relying on nodes distributed around the world to ensure the normal operation of the network, there is no substantial shortcomings of the centralized server data storage, hackers cannot penetrate the database, thus fundamentally ensuring the security of private data.

In addition to solving privacy issues, users can also use VRBToken VRT on VRB's social network for online education payment, online transfer and tipping, prize-winning puzzle games and other high-quality experiences. The VRB encrypted social application greatly expands the application scenarios of traditional social interactions, and it is a social software with excellent experience.

As blockchain becomes common occurrence in our lives. We will wait and see if there will be more subversive applications like VRB encrypted social software.